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The Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus (METU NCC)

The Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus (METU NCC) has offered five (5) scholarships under the OIC Educational Exchange Programme for students from OIC Member States for the Academic year 2013-2014 (commencing from September 2013).

Scholarships are being offered for undergraduate study in any of the following subjects:

i. Chemical Engineering
ii. Petroleum and Natural gas Engineering
iii. Computer Engineering
iv. Economics
v. English Language Teaching
vi. Business Administration
vii. Political Science and International Relations.

The scholarships involve 50% tuition fee waiver (regular fee US $ 7500 per year – OIC scholars US $ 3750 per year) and 50% discount in campus dorms in single room suites (regular US$ 3500 per year – OIC scholars US$ 1750 per year). Scholarships do not cover cost of air tickets. Students will pay for their living expenses, health insurance, books etc. which would be around 400 US Dollars per month.

Details regarding scholarship, eligibility criteria, conditions for scholarships and minimum qualifications for application may be seen here (add link to annex).

Interested students have to submit their applications and upload scans of all the required documents using the online application portal of the METU NCC at the following link:


Students should clearly indicate in the application from that they are applying under the OIC Educational Exchange Programme. Copies of the applications are to be submitted to the OIC General Secretariat at the following address:

OIC General Secretariat
Jeddah (P.O. Box 178, Jeddah 21411)
Madina Road, Sharafiah District,
Saudi Arabia.
(zghoul@oic-oci.org or shero@oic-oci.org)

Applications must be filed online at the METU NCC portal and copies must reach the OIC General Secretariat before 01 July 2013.

Scholarships will be granted to academically eligible applicants as per the eligibility criteria of the METU NCC. Successful candidates will be notified by the OIC General Secretariat.